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Super Pink Full Moon in Libra

I call forward all my resistance, all my protection mechanisms, all my barriers and reference points, and the the stories and lies that I have bought as my truth and I say yes to them. I release them from my mind, body, Being and reality now.

I call forward all the projected futures, unaligned energies, hopes, dreams, significance and future ideas and possibilities of limitedness and I say yes to them. I release those which no longer serve the future that is possible for the greatness of all Beings and me.

I call forward all the cages of enough, cages of untruth, cages of my heart, cages of my Divine Feminine, cages of masculinity, love, lust, pleasure, worth, wonder and fear, and I say yes to them. I release them all from my body, Being, and mind of now and of my future reality.

I release everything that keeps my world small. I release everything that I have hired to protect my heart instead of create magic with it

I release all the doubt. I release all of the self sabotage. I release everything that doesn't belong to me and serve me in my highest, greatest, Divine truth and future. I release everything from my physical body and subtle bodies that hold me hostage below my greatness.

I release my heart to the world now.

I release my love to the planet.

I release my magic beyond this realm.

I release my soul to every human.

I release my mind to each and every possibility that I could have never even imagined possible.

I release my pussy to every pleasure.

I release all the joy from every other level, layer, lifetime, Universe and reality of my existence, for me to find again now.

I release the wolves, the witch, and my Woman, the Muse.

I release every stack of money, every luscious abundance, every luxurious gift from all past lifetimes, lovers, Universes and from every future as well.

I release my heart, soul, body and Divine to the greatest future possible now.

And so it is.

**** The Full Moon is a time for releasing that which no longer serves our greatest possibilities.

This is my release.

Let it burn.

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