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Love Letter to My Townhouse

What's right about this I'm not getting? The lack, the stress of you not selling?

What am I hanging onto?

"Don't cut the cords," you say. "Unplug them lovingly, graciously. Give them a kiss, look at every tiny detail of them as you touch them with your whole soul, with so much gratitude."

I'm allowed to love you and not want to let you go. I'm allowed to want top dollar for my love, effort, care, and gratitude. I'm allowed to be proud and sad and reluctant. I'm allowed to miss you and feel sad for never getting to truly enjoy you as mine.

You're not mine just because my heart is in your walls and floors. It's safe to give my whole heart and sell you full of love. I get to feel the excitement, pride and gratitude from you when you get your new family. I get to feel the joy of a successful chapter ending and an abundant chapter beginning. There gets to be joy and sadness, possibility and gratitude.

I did it.

I made you.

I get to hand you over to the best family.

You get to be LIVED in now.

You get to be loved now, for what you are, not what I put into you.

You are your own love. Not just mine.

They will see you through different eyes, not just mine.

You are not a museum piece of perfectly placed things.

Loved in and lived in.

I get to fully feel how much I love you, how much it will hurt and how excited I will be for you to get the family you desire.

I'm not desperate to get rid of you out of lack. I'm excited for you to find your people.

I dont want to get rid of you out of hate. I love who you are and would love for you to share your magic.

I dont want to get rid of you to buy the next one. I want to feel how high we can rise from each other, not with each other anymore.

We rose together, gave 1000 times the love we thought we had and could hold.

Now we fly.

With gratitude, my beautiful, fly.



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