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Beautiful Encore

I can't go yet, I haven't...

I didn't hear it because it doesn't resonate. I could go now. I could take a final breath and be at peace and content. I would be so proud of me. There is nothing I haven't done or experienced that I haven't wished for, dreamed of, or worked so hard to see.

I have walked through incredible pain and thrived beyond it. I have felt deep love at every stage with the most beautiful humans. I have been in awe of my body and its incredible strength, softness and magic. I have raised a legend even though she is only just 5. I have made big bold moves across continents, through glass ceilings, and beyond where I ever thought it was possible and real for me to go. I gathered beautiful things and then let them all go for things much more stunning. I have taught others beauty, healed broken souls, shown my light and love and magic to the world. I have created magic and been conscious enough to acknowledge that I made it.

I have chosen to fly when I could have fallen. As I sit here writing, I see all the good and greatness I BE and I feel complete and oh so proud. I have lived the last few years without regret, choosing joy and me, and have seen how it changes the entire planet and those around me.

And so when I say I could go tomorrow, or even today, it isn't because I am ready. I'm not done with this life. It is because I know that everything from here on forward will be the bonus, the beautiful encore, the place without worry or hustle or pain. From here forward I get to sink into living, I get to lean into Joy and create each moment from pure gratitude of getting another one.

I am so grateful for me. I am so grateful for all the things. I am so grateful for the love and pain, joy and work, fear and freedom. I am so grateful for all the people who brought me here. And I am so grateful to every future moment that I get to savor in this lifetime and that I can let be Great.

Because now I get to play, not just dream.

And so it is.

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