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Do you KNOW there is something more?
Have you tried all the things? All the medicines? All of it AND the Moon?

the catalyst.png

Let this be your


I can hear your body. I can see the things it's trying to tell you. I can see where the trauma is stored, where the damage is done, and it gently tells me how to 

Access it.

You only get ONE


Our Bodies Lead Here

Your Subconscious Mind Follows

I cannot guarantee where the healing starts.
The body chooses. 

I access your potential, your past, your soul journey,
that sweet body of yours tells me where to start.
This session is just the beginning. 

This is the spark.
This is where you get cracked open from the inside out with tools to put yourself back together.


Your Investment in You

$3,000 Mexican Pesos

Your Healing = Limitless

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