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YOU are magic.
You KNOW this deep within you.
Do you TRUST it?

Throughout our life we are taught to trust the words of others, serve others until we cannot recognize ourselves, hustle until our bodies break, hide our magic, and keep our Mystic buried. We become so disconnected from our magic, our gifts, our body and our Divine Feminine because of the ideals and FEAR held by society, our families, our churches, and everywhere else that condemns the magic we hold. We learn to shut out the voices, ignore the goose bumps, and numb ourselves with substances because THESE pieces of SELF are dark and scary.


 to the calibration. This is where you meet your body and let her back in to play with your soul. This is where your MAGIC aligns with your MYSTIC and you light the world on


The Human Body is Magic

And she desires to contribute to you and your gifts.
She desires to heal the planet.
She knows how.
Are you ready to let her?

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