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You Know Who You Are

It is said that our brains cannot distinguish the difference between something that is occurring in real life time and something that is happening in our imagination if we fully experience all the emotions and thoughts of it. I had an assignment, from one of THE BEST classes I have ever taken, to DREAM BIG, write out the biggest, most amazing day that you could ever imagine possible.

This was Day 2.

Enjoy. And maybe do the same!

What's the worst that could happen?


Whats the greatest possibility that could be created from dreaming OUT LOUD?


It's not the big yacht but it's the one I love waking up on. It's beautiful deep wood and white fabrics match my sun-kissed skin and white swimsuit barely hidden underneath my long flowing see-through robe.

I stand near the back with the coffee you just freshly brewed for us. You sneak up next to me as I take my first sip. Your hands know the perfect spot and your morning stubble rubs the top of my shoulder with your light butterfly kisses. As I turn to kiss your beautiful face and taste the coffee on your tongue, you spin me, ever so gently, as to not spill the special brew you just poured. I can feel your hungry gaze as the breeze and my twirl reveals the most delicious parts of me. You throat moan as your fingertips brush my softness and you smell our sex still in my long loose curls. I can read your mind and body in this moment, and yes, I'd love more of you right now too.

As you pull me in close and snuggle me tightly I hear the girls giggle. They know this love. What a tragedy it would be to hide it or diminish it for them. They play together under the canopy. The compliment they are to each other is a reflection of us.

I could stand like this in your arms forever but the bacon is ready. You take a big bite and lean in for a silly sloppy kiss. I know now that I actually love you more than bacon.

I love that big belly laugh as you brush my lips with a delicious bacony kiss and nearly tip me head over heels. You catch me though. You have always caught me, even when I fell for you that night years ago. I come alive with you. Your sparkle, the beauty, your incredible magic, it pulls all of me in and allows me to lay the Universe at our feet.

We want for nothing. There is nothing I lack in this spectacular life. The girls are flourishing. The money comes. The consciousness of our entire collective is so fucking exciting and incredibly grounding.

The only thing that takes me higher is you. The way I cum for you is earth shattering. I am fully embodied when you are inside of me. I feel every piece of your world and Being swirling around me like a hurricane. It's like my blood vaporizes inside of my mind and expands every cell within my body so you can integrate with me fully. I have never known such passionate, nurturing warmth between my legs.

Your hunger for me, the excitement filled with anguish because you want more, want me to cum and cannot wait, but don't want it to end is fascinating. And I sense it all as I look into your eyes and upon every inch of your sexy body. I know it like I know the words to my favorite songs. You are so fucking delicious. This life is so fucking delicious.

I'll have more of this, please Universe!

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