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When She Speaks

My feet are on fire. Even in the cold. They are hot like they have been pounding pavement, climbing mountains, and running marathons.

They know something that I don't.

My body asked for a rest today. She begged for the bare minimum. She begged for nothingness like she does after a week of all night study sessions, six University exams, and then way too much tequila to celebrate afterward.

What is she celebrating?

The guidance has been louder too. The booming voice inside my head that tells me what to do, it has asked me to do things I was never brave enough to do, until now. And I did not hesitate, and I did not question it. It was precise.

There is a precision to the timing of these things.

I have been so focused on releasing that which no longer serves me that I did not even see where I was going.

But Body did. And she has been going at hyper speed from the feels of it.

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