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Trust In It

That feeling of oh so right. You forget what it feels like until it comes at you from all angles. I don't know what tomorrow will bring or the next day or the next. I just know that I have to trust. Every sound as we wait, every sight as we go, I am seeing the sparkles of possibility. Possibilities just shine brighter than the "good enough"'s. They move with ease. They make everything around them more beautiful. You can only see them if you are open to it, if you are allowing the romance of them. And what looks like bad hygiene to you looks like a golden smile to me. And I love gold. There is a different energy about this place. It is so expansive and incredibly generative. It doesn't feel like I'm chasing something. I can literally breathe now. The water is trustworthy in its warmth. The sun is forgiving in its heat. The breeze is delicious off of the waves. The steps of the humans are taken so lightly through the sand, it is almost as beautiful a dance as their hair in the breeze. Even playing with the memory of this place pulls her in closer to me. It makes me magnetic. I suppose it's the one.

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