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The Subconscious

The subconscious mind.

We are never really taught about it. It is never highlighted as something separate or significantly different from our thinking mind.

It isn't even an after thought, it is a non-thought.


Every aspect of our Being is a consequence of what gets activated in the subconscious mind, what gets stored there, what get locked into our personality, our patterns, and our choices. It is everything. And we are never taught about it.

And when I was introduced to how powerful it is, my world shifted dramatically!

The mind-body connection is a bit of a faux-pas ideal, a woo-hoo way of life, a choice you make when you are lazy OR training for a competition. The power of the mind is referenced in self help and quotes from philosophy, yet never actually analyzed by the average person.

It is a Rollercoaster. It is both enlightening and really scary to know that everything about us is tied to ourselves and our mind. It is hard to accept that we lock the crap in place with our all powerful mind. It is hard to see how we can change it.

And then there was S.I.T. For me anyways.

It tied up the loose pieces of my practice. It provided something tangible to the skeptic in me by adding in the science behind the energetics!

It changed my practice, my relationship with my body, and my life!

And with each session I have and each session I give, MY subconscious mind releases the gunk, recalibrates, and I become more of who I truly Be.

I will forever be in the process of being UNconditioned, I know this now. And I thank my body and subconscious mind for showing me the way.

What is possible for you with S.I.T.?

If you are interested, follow my link below! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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