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Savor It

The tide has turned. It's even red here in Mexico. It's not turning. I'm not patiently waiting for it because I can feel it or see it coming. It has arrived. There is a moment in time, usually staring into the eyes of another, that you realize the things you wished for only a few short months ago, a long few years ago, or just the other day graciously sit across from you. And it shakes you. And then the space of What Now? is haunting. What if we could just relish in the gratitude? What if we could coast within the amazement? What if the magic could be more than enough for more than just a second? When do gifts from the Universe becomes the silver platter of which we automatically look beyond? I understand excitement puts fire under our feet. I understand that moving becomes easier when the load is lightened. I understand that more is enticing when we get to feel the magic surrounding us. And I also know that to truly let the gratitude reach deep into our Universe and come all the way back around to us, we have to savor it; close your eyes and taste it through your skin, feel it beyond the outer most edges of your soul, drop it deep within your belly, and truly enjoy the heat of it in every tiny space of you. Who would want to move out of this so quickly anyways? Whatever you want to create can only be amplified from this place, trembling deep within your groin. Revel in it. Enjoy it. Savor it like the last stroke of a hard cock after an orgasm. Let it tingle everywhere else before you desire it to move. The beauty of creation comes when we are oh so grateful that the places we have been asking for have shown up. Soak it all in and let your imagination run wild later.

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