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Ready to Take You In

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Fuck am I grateful for the pastel skies at sunset, the crocodile surprise at the end of the dock, and the 5 star pizza made to order on an empty, well napped stomach. The dreams I've had have never been better than these days because I get to take it all in with my eyes wide open and my heart so still.

The breeze comes just as my skin says she has had enough of this heat. It cools me off, turns me on and invites me to another few hours of humid paradise bliss. Then we get to float where others dream of floating, dig deeply where other hope to set foot, and breathe it all in with notes of coconut and oak.

What I wouldn't give for a Timmie's London Fog right now.

Scratch that. I wouldn't give any of this magic away for ANYTHING.

When you choose more of the magic your eyes could never truly see before, you listen and it is delivered and you are supported. The Sun, the Moon, the Universe, Mother Nature, and Mini Me - they are all instantly turned on to me.

The blood in my veins flows simultaneously like hot lava and a cool mountain stream, and I feel and I perceive more. I can hear the crickets breathing, not just their chirps. As the mosquito lands on my skin, I reach for it immediately. It's like I know what she's thinking before she does. The smell of warm leather as I sit sweetens my nose and I remember why I have lungs. My sweet body is breathing it all in. Even my dress softly caresses my inner thighs like it's never seen a pussy before. Her storytelling is what dreams and fairytales are made of and why people choose climax and their existential highs.

I'll take it all, sweet Universe.

My Body + Being are ready to take you all in.

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