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No Longer Cheetah

The page is turning. As I rest before the day breaks I can now feel it so clearly. But today it is not just any old page, it is the last page of this amazing chapter. I'm not sure which chapter is ending tonight, I have never really counted them down. I'm actually not interested in the number on the page. It's the feeling that excites me. Chapter 769 maybe? Maybe Chapter 1? Was I in the Foreword this whole time and now the book is actually beginning? It could even definitely be the sequel that I have been pushing for. Regardless, I'm done chasing this life. I have arrived upon this new page with a past full of incredible Doing. My Masculine got me here. It got me beyond what I thought possible. And I pushed hard to get it. I pushed past all the doubt. All the should haves. All the haters. All the fear.  And I made it to THIS place. This place is like a mirage, you can see it in the distance when something outside of you suggests it may exist. It could be a person you've never known or a commercial you have seen a thousand times, and it never seems real. But you keep Doing the work, one foot in front of the other, another big choice, another moment where you choose to walk with the fear. Then you realize that it wasn't even your fear, it was everyone else's. I have never been afraid of change. I have boldly walked with it many times. I have sensed when there was an ending coming up because my entire Being would vibrate for the exciting new beginning on the other side of it. The place where all the Doing came to fruition and the expansion that comes when you are stimulated by new places, people, and things. Today is different though, so maybe it is the sequel, maybe Chapter 1. Today there feels like a finality to the Doing, the death of the chase. Up until tonight I have been the predator, chasing the money, the job, the men, the car, the things in life that were supposed to get me the feeling of more and happy. And I was damn good at it. I am ferocious and unstoppable in the chase. I will stop at nothing to get what it is that I desire. I put my blinders on and hyperfocus all my senses to build or catch whatever I think will get me there. I am comfortable with this Doing. I have become comfortable with the chase. Tomorrow though, I am done with it. I have chased the energy even though they say to just follow it. I have pushed my way to Here, and I feel it in my body. And I know today I am done because the comfort of the Doing that used to hug me close feels very uncomfortable overtop of me. It feels foreign. It feels heavy. It feels like it's time to let it fall. So, as the page turns and my armor falls with it, there is no need to chase. I have chased my current life to Here, now the living begins, the romance begins, the pleasure begins, and the money begins because I literally need of nothing. Chasing energy requires a feeling of lack and there is nothing more I require from the Universe to survive. I have survived it as the highest on the food chain. Now I know that romance dances with desire, and the best dancers are the most relaxed and in tune with their partners, almost like they are intertwined with the Universe, adoration, fun, and a fuckload of freedom. When I need nothing and am dancing with the Universe, I can live in the romance of it all. I can sway lightly with and in what comes. I can wink and smile, maybe even bite my lip, because I need nothing, and I desire so much more, so it comes. How can life romance me even more today when I wink at it instead of trying to catch it?

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