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Caution - Juicy

My panties are soaked with just an innocent suggestion of you. I could watch you play with your hair for hours and my pussy for days. Every cell in my body vibrates, just imagine if you'd meet me there in person. My juicy would be plump. I bet you would be paralyzed by the scent of her, wet at just the sight of you, pulsing as you get closer, gushing with sweet nectar awaiting your hard-on, for even just a fleeting touch. I cannot control it. My body wants you. The heavy armor she carries is immediately disrobed and replaced with "mmm, yes please, more." Without even trying, without a thought of you in my bed, without an agenda, privacy, or a single flash of skin, my body begs for you to come closer and cum in. As I write about you, she whispers in rhyme. She loves this dance you do, it fucks her up every time.

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