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But Oh... If You Join Us...

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

We rose earlier this morning. Now our bodies are always excited for the adventures of the day. We still consume mostly sunshine and limonada. We are only hungry for the energy of this place, the tickle of the ocean breeze, the laughter of beautiful strangers, and the local guitar string melodies.

Our nude bodies have freedom under the smooth white sheets and happiness underneath the fan. Curiosity plays between our lips as we smile through our growing español. If you ask about our day, you will hear of performing sea lions living just up the street, the delicious massages that put Chiquita to sleep instantly, the crocodile lurking below our balcony, and maybe even the warmest bluest ocean water I have ever been in with this skin.

But oh... if you join us...

If you join us you get to unlearn time, experience space, embrace kindness, indulge in sweetness, move with grace, breathe in ease, and soak up all the joy. There is an undeniable ecstasy when it is simply you with the earth. Every sense is heightened, awakened, grand and so fucking gloriously alive.

With popsicles in the morning and Kaluha in your coffee at 3, this place rewrites every script of life that's been written deep in your bones. It is something that we've never been taught could be real. Waiting with gratitude, paying with delight.

Living, with no alcohol required. A bizarre and exceptional feeling. Universe, I'll have more of that please! How can life love us even more tomorrow?

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