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Big Moves

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I am just on the other side of the biggest choice I've ever made. And I'm sweaty and bloated and uncomfortable.

I have made big moves before. With even less time to plan and pack and shift. And I remember there was discomfort then too.

As I think of all the "biggest" choices I've ever made, they line up in my mind like an animated filing cabinet. Memories of lemon water in the fridge, stopping on the highway to scrape the frost off the windshield of a little white car with my sock, a bleach blonde bob, a white pickup truck packed up like tetris headed East, contracts signed, houses bought, luxury dressed in shiny black with brown leather seats.

And this one takes the cake.

This one that no one saw coming.

This one that no one believed.

This one that is not yet in celebration even though I've been here for a week.

The entire Universe has been shifting for me because I chose it to.

My entire Being is trying to catch up.

And even though the sounds of the ocean fill up every empty space I knew I had, more nooks, crannies, and depth keep appearing.

Mexico will continue to expand my awareness. My ability to know and choose what is great for me will grow.

Trust and excitement. These are the frequencies I bring myself back to.

Fear doesn't exist.

The Universe has my back.

I am guided.

I am protected.

I am supported.

I am nurtured.

I am magic.

Because I choose to be.



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