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An Assignment in Dreaming

It is said that our brains cannot distinguish the difference between something that is occurring in real life time and something that is happening in our imagination if we fully experience all the emotions and thoughts of it. I had an assignment, from one of THE BEST classes I have ever taken, to DREAM BIG, write out the biggest, most amazing day that you could ever imagine possible. This was Day 1. Enjoy. And maybe do the same! What's the worst that could happen? Nah... Whats the greatest possibility that could be created from dreaming OUT LOUD? -------‐-------‐------------------- We are getting whisked away on the private jet. I wouldn't even call this First Class. It's 1000th Class. There is champagne, all my favorite food and music, and my people.

I am dressed in flowing rose gold silk and golden jewelery with diamonds and dynamic crystals. My body, hair, clothes, makeup, perfume and smiles are delicious as I stare into his eyes. He's showing me how much he adores me even though I already know. He vibrates when he keeps glorious secrets from me. I know he listens closely when we dream out loud on the terrace, so we are likely going to Croatia and Bali, and then somewhere with pristine blue waters that he spent days researching.

He knows that I know, and yet he still glows like a giddy little boy hiding a giant toad in his pocket.

I have never known laughter like this, so infused with love and life and gratitude. And ME.

I trust me entirely and I chose him, so I trust him entirely too. As we lay together in our cliffside villa we dream of the one-up of this. It will be my turn next for the surprises. And he so loves to see me tear up and grab his face, so he has already started planning it.

I get to collapse time and stop it too. I could lay here with him forever. He is so warm and kind and beautiful. He knows exactly where to put his hands and that look... it relaxes me and invigorates me at the same time. I sense the world differently since we have been connected. I have never felt the world spin around me like I do when I'm with him. I can hear the trees, their souls, and can see everything I seek and everything I know.

And he is such an exquisite dancer.

Everything begins and ends differently when you move with such deep joy and gratitude. I walk lightly, and so does he. We support each other, enjoy each other, celebrate each other. We have no weaknesses because we are each others strength. I have these great ideas and he makes them come true, even bigger than I could have ever imagined.

We hike the forest to this amazing waterfall. It is heaven to swim naked next to him and then dunk him under. My laughter tickles the tallest pines. And then my mermaid instinct catches his beautiful face underwater and breathes more life and love into him with each kiss.

My body cums easily with this. When I am this turned on by life and love and possibilities, the future is ours and our bodies are and create magic immediately.

I love the water and he loves the forest. And Me.

That's why Bali and it's baby blues are next in the plans. Travel is ease with a jet, staff, and Him. We play with all the languages we have learned together. Dreaming in Spanish, French, and Portuguese is fun and funny. Fuck, does he sparkle like I have never seen before.

We are radiant in this energy. My skin doesn't even feel like skin, it feels like magic and the softest golden glitter. The tingles happen 24/7 now and the butterflies never stop growing bigger. My sun-kissed body loves to watch him snorkel. He shimmers brighter than the surface of the water in this beautiful, perfect sunshine. The fish are glorious. The coral pristine. The water so warm and clear. How does it get any better than this?

We get dolled up, dress up and smell fantastic for each other. I ask and then we dance the night away, but not before the sunset. He just loves them. I love him in his silent awe of the dusk.

This is living from and within the space of excitement, awareness, gratitude, pleasure. And the abundance just comes. The wealth shows up as if by magic. The bank accounts overflow and grow, and grow, and grow with each giggle and moan.

The team we have pulled into our lives are the warmest and so kind. They love to serve us. We change their lives everytime we take out the yacht. The ocean gifts us serenity. We gifts these wonderful souls exactly what they require to keep us.

I can lean into all this because when I do, I know there is more just around the corner. Bigger. Fancier. Shinier. I dream it and it shows up as more. The colors are brighter. The kindness melts me. The food and smells, and warmth of my people are deliciously activating, and yet, I know this is not yet the most alluring I have yet to experience.

And it shows itself in the words I share with those who walk with me, those who inspire me and are inspired by me. The conversations I have with my soul community gift me even bigger ideas. I grant greater wishes of me and the Universe from our laughter and their imaginations.

I am so expanded. Everyday is brighter than the last. Every hardship easier than before. I know that with every drop of water in the ocean, I get to Be IT and the Ocean.

There is flying. And then there is peace.

What else is possible that I could never even imagine?

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