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teachers of others?

What if we are all Healers



Magic of the Body


A declaration of the ability to undo that which has been done by another.​


A keeper of knowledge, insight and awareness that can facilitate another to undo that which is within themselves.

Keepers of knowledge are called teachers.

 What if your Becoming started with nurturing touch and clearing all of the lies?


What if all you needed was space in your mind for your body to

                       heal itself?  

Your body has an amazing capacity to transform and heal.

and we lock stress and hurt into our bodies as a means to an end.


We are in pain, we develop diseases, gain weight, and the list of density goes on.


Ultimately, at the endpoint of each excuse and experience, the density is to ensure survival from something that we have encountered in our past.

But in this reality we store trauma

It is from a very early age that we BECOME that trauma, our identities are developed from within that pain, and our bodies become victim to our circumstances.


And what else is actually possible? 

What if your body was capable of so much more than you ever thought possible?

Our bodies are living,

aware, amazingly receptive organisms perceiving information in every moment. They respond to our external world AND our internal thoughts and beliefs dynamically. 

We are willing to listen to experts, doctors, loved ones, strangers, the weatherman, a financial analyst, a business coach, an Instagram influencer, and we have been taught to question ourselves.

What if you could unravel all of that?

the power

within yourself

and trust another to teach you the way?"

for you to acknowledge


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