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Donna Mills

Healer has never really been on my radar as my contribution to the planet, I followed a very traditional path after high school. I attended University, worked for the Federal Government in the policing world for a decade, maintained a household, relationship and lifestyle that would be deemed desirable to most of society.

And in an instant, my entire world changed.


I was a new mother. And, in what seemed like ten years AND 1 second of life, I was a 33-year-old widow.

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After a shocking diagnosis of Grade 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer, it became my mission to cure my husband. We followed all the doctors' orders. I started scouring the planet for EVERYTHING ELSE, for the alternatives, for magic, for miracles, and the weird and wacky.  


We had agreed that if we were going to come to the end of this, we would try absolutely EVERYTHING and have NO REGRETS.


To this day, I continue my search... for me, my daughter, and everyone and everything on this beautiful planet.

The Shock

Consciousness has reintroduced me to my intuition, to my body, and to what else is possible on this planet. I have always been aware of energies, truths, and the future. It is just now that my path leads me to where I can utilize them to facilitate healing within others.  

What if we are all Healers of Self and Teachers of Others?

Healer - a declaration of the ability to undo that which has been done by another.
Teacher - a keeper of knowledge, insight, and awareness that can facilitate another to undo that which is within themselves.

Keepers of knowledge are called teachers now.
And the wisest ones, Professor

The Activationist


It is said that when we put our mind to something, it is the most powerful force on the planet. I believe it to be true.  The Subconscious Mind has the ability to create incredible things.  It creates EVERYTHING. It creates the body as well. Every way that the body BE's, including the not-so-desirable things that show up like dis-ease, illness, and pain, is created by our Subconscious in response to stimuli spanning from this lifetime and into past lives and alternate Universes.


Our Subconscious is magic AND PREDICTABLE.

All emotions create dis-ease in the same place within the bodies of 98 % of the population. Everyones' Subconscious stores anger in the jaw, money issues in the lower back, and stubbornness in the neck.

Using only words, it is possible to unravel the exact emotion causing dis-ease. Subconscious Imprinting Technique is a modality created out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that teaches the formula to locate the exact place and time where that energetic block was created, clear it, and rewrite a new reality for you and your body.

This is the power and simplicity of the Subconscious mind - WORDS CREATE.

They create dis-ease and create new pathways.

My ability to unravel the energetic blocks in your body comes from a combination of Access Consciousness tools, Subconscious Imprinting Technique (S.I.T.), energetic intuition, channeling, and the gift of clairvoyance (the gift of the see-er) to release energy from all levels, layers, lifetimes, Universes, and realities that are creating discomfort within your body and living.

Let me BE with your mind and CREATE ease for you!







me to my

Checkout where it ALL started for me! 

Check out the POWER OF THE MIND and Subconscious Imprinting Technique (S.I.T.) 

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