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Donna Mills


Donna Mills

I have been through Hell and I will never go back. I believe 100% that every step we take and every interaction we have will propel us forward. 

AND IT IS OUR DUTY to choose which direction we are aiming for. AND THEN for us to pull the trigger and move.

I believe that THE ONLY TARGET is Truth.

The Truth of you, in the Now.

Truth feels like home but most importantly, it is invigorating, it is ACTiVATING, it keeps you satiated AND hungry for more.     MORE.    OF.    YOU.

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I Believe...

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That our bodies are the most conscious piece of us. I KNOW that your body will tell you the TRUTH about everything before your mind even has the opportunity to think.

I have come to know my Body as TRUTH, and therefore can hear, see, and feel the Truth Yours holds.

I channel You, I see the highest version of You, I feel You deep in every cell.


I know the exact words to say and questions to ask your MIND, so you can FEEL Your Truth in your Body too.

When You sit with me, you sit with You. At the highest frequency, with the kindest care, with the MAGIC in both of Us. 

If you're HERE, You're READY!

Everybody who shows up beside me is ready to Pull the Trigger on their Truth.

The Design of you, your past, your choices, and your intuition has lead you here.

I am a Mirror. I am a Guide. I am a Lighthouse. I am a Wayshower. 

I Honor your magic. I Honor your Raw. I Honor you as your own Creator, your own Healer, and your BIGGEST, FULLEST SELF.

Let's get to work. Your Raw and Sacred Truth Awaits.

My World





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