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The Activation has begun.
You chose me as your Catalyst,
and now

You choose
Your Alchemy

the alchemy.png

Powerful things happen when you choose to do the work. The Healing has been activated, are you ready to Surrender to the Magic You came here to Be?

You are 


The most powerful changes happen when we choose to do the work, when we show up, and when we surrender to the magic of others, our ego, our bodies, and our own magic.

When you choose to actively rise, you not only surrender to the magic of me, but you trust the magic of you to go exactly where you need to go, in Divine time, with gracious strength.

Through each Alchemy session, I hold the space for your surrender, I clear the friction to foster trust, and then we Be the energy to command our TRUTH.


In Your truth, you Heal, You Rise, You Become exactly what you were meant to Be on this planet. Each session is unique, special, and Divinely timed.

The Alchemy builds with each step you take towards You. As you Rise, this is where you become the Master of your Knowing. This is where your Magic happens.

I do my Magic, channel your body, read the cards, listen to our guides, and follow the energy to guide you towards the creation and actualization of the next foundational step. Here, you discover the magic within, undefined, completely supported and in the most loving and excited container.





Rise    &    Become


3 sessions for $8,000 Mexican Pesos

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